Setar Maker (The Luthier) Produced by Southampton Arts Academy Setar Maker: Amir Jamshidi Director: Hossein Hadisi Camera: Pegah Salimi, Hossein Hadisi Music: Maestro Ebadi (Avaye Setar album) March 2013 Lahijan, Iran

I had spoken with and promised Mr. Jamshidi, many years prior to making this documentary to interview him about making Setars. The opportunity arose one year when I was on a research trip sponsored by University of Cambridge and the British Academy in March 2013.

The parts related to making the instrument were carefully planned and the whole shoot took 3 days, thanks to lighting equipment that we got in the last minute. All the interview bits were improvised and we ended up with more than 4 hours of footage. I then devised three parallel stories: the making of Setar, the story of the luthier (Maestro Jamshidi) and the Setar playing of Maestro Ahmad Ebadi along with a tour of the city of Lahijan.

The film was premiered on Voice of America International Satellite TV network shortly after it was finished. The Luthier has been aired numerous times ever since and it has been one of my best received works.