…It is remarkable that Akram Ahmadi Tavana, the author of this survey, an artist in her own right, also focuses on the image of Zahhak as the idea of the evil which exists among us in the shape of a human being of a common origin. Ahmadi Tavana’s interpretation of Zahhak of our days is very similar to the one by composer Hossein Hadisi: he is difficult to recognise as he adapted himself to modern life so successfully that even his famous snakes become invisible (pl.24).

Post-Shahnameh, or the Shahnameh of our times

Right after the poem was finished it started to receive an unlimited number of imitations and emulations, some of which were interpolated into the corpus of the text by later authors and scribes throughout the centuries so masterfully Persian Dragon King (pl.24), composed by Hossein Hadisi, postdoctoral fellow at the Music Department, the University of Cambridge.

-Dr. Firuza Melville

Source: Shahnameh, The Perpetual Narrative