There’s a rare Xenis Emputae Travelling Band performance on the 17th of December at the John Hansard Gallery, Southampton. I’ve gathered a four voice magical choir to a performance based around vowels. Initially the concept was to work along the lines of Peter Michael Hamel and Prima Materia’s ‘vowel improvisations’ and overtone singing, but things have loosened up since then. Whatever may happen, we’re all looking forward to the event, which also includes Mel O’Dubhslaine (Ashtray Navigations), Ignacio Agrimbau, Hossein Hadisi and Glyphs. Full info on the Bang the Bore site here. If you’re on the BtB site be sure to also check out Stephen Grasso’s lengthy piece of psychogeographic voodoo Smoke and Mirrors, and Seth Cooke’s essay The Glossolinguist.

Source: Ricecares