Stories from “Gulistan” by Sa’di (1210-1291)
Chapter III- On The Virtues of Contentment
Music: Hossein Hadisi

گلستان سعدی – باب سوم – روز نایافتن
موسیقی: حسین حدیثی

University of Southampton Persian Society Presents a Southampton Arts Academy concert; World premiere of The Rose Garden.

101 Contemporary Persian Songs Composed by Hossein Hadisi

Hossein Hadisi – voice, piano
Kinga Kowalczyk – violin
Miku Yasukawa – voice
Marco William Duranti – guitars
Máté Szigeti – keyboards

Audio Mix: J. Curry
Videography: Sahab Jamshidi, John Hopkins

دو درویش خراسانی مُلازم صحبت یکدیگر سفر کردندی. یکی ضعیف بود که هر به دو شب افطار کردی و دیگر قوی که روزی سه بار خوردی.

اتفاقاً بر درِ شهری به تهمتِ جاسوسی گرفتار آمدند. هر دو را به خانه‌ای کردند و در به گل برآوردند.

بعد از دو هفته معلوم شد که بی‌‎گناهند. در را گشادند، قوی را دیدند مرده و ضعیف جان به سلامت بُرده.

مردم در این عجب ماندند.

حکیمی گفت: خلاف این عجب بودی، آن یکی بسیارخوار بوده است، طاقت بی‌‎نوایی نیاورد، به سختی هلاک شد. وین دگر خویشتن‌‎دار بوده است، لاجرم بر عادت خویش صبر کرد و به سلامت بماند.

چو کم‌‎خوردن طبیعت شد کسی را
چو سختی پیشش آید، سهل گیرد

وگر تن‌‎پرور است اندر فراخی
چو تنگی بیند، از سختی بمیرد

Two Khorasani dervishes travelled together. One of them, being weak, broke his fast every second night whilst the other who was strong consumed every day three meals. It happened that they were captured at the gate of a town on suspicion of being spies; whereon each of them was confined in a closet and the aperture of it walled up with mud bricks. After two weeks it became known that they were guiltless. Accordingly the doors were opened and the strong man was found to be dead whilst the weak fellow had remained alive. The people were astonished but a sage averred that the contrary would have been astonishing because one of them having been voracious possessed no strength to suffer hunger and perished whilst the other who was abstemious merely persevered in his habit and remained safe. When eating little has become the nature of a man He takes it easy when a calamity befalls him But when the body becomes strong in affluence He will die when a hardship overtakes him.