Ffion is a multidisciplinary artist and Associate Director of House Of Absolute. Born and raised in Wales, an advocate for welsh speaking women of mixed heritage, she completed her degree in dance at The California Institute of the Arts and London Contemporary Dance School.

As a movement director and choreographer, her work can be seen in adverts for Nurofen and she has presented numerous stageworks for Richmix, The Place, Shoreditch Town Hall, The Albany, Bernie Grants, The RSA and The Now Gallery and more. ​

A mesmerising mover and multi-talented sound producer, she has travelled globally and worked with Zahhak, a Persian opera directed by Hossein Hadisi, Dam Van Hyunh, Vietnamese-led company, Korean arts fest Modafe with director  and choreographers Frankie Johnson, Kyoung Shin-Kim & Kim Hyung-Nam and produced sound score for many theatre and live works. 

Ffion works collaboratively and is additionally developing solo-based work with disciplines such as voice, text and poetry to transmit her visual and digital art. She draws from Contemporary, Hip hop and Krump, indigenous dance forms of femininity and deity embodiment, integrating her influences of holistic therapy and martial arts. Her work spans across music and film production, performative experimental art and exhibitionism.

In her work she explores, humanitarian politics through psychoanalysis, body language and spirituality. Interested in the contexts of race, gender, culture & identity, she creates through the influences of ritual, expressing various aspects of the human experience. Ffion continually bridges spaces of ancestral empowerment locally and internationally.

Source: House of Absolute