CompositionsBallet Zahhak, the Dragon King of Persia: Ensemble and voices with danceThe Nest: soundtrack for the film “the Nest”Wine of the Mystic [Omar Khayyam’s Quatrains]: Voice, Tar, Tombak, DafAnfægtelse: Clarinet, Horn, Vibraphone, Piano, ViolinLullaby for a Deaf Child: flute, guitarMooyeh: female vocal trio (chosen for Royal Music Association’s conference 2010)Piss Be Upon Him: Six instrumentsGently Behead the Monster: Alto Flute, Double BassHaras Dance: Voice, Tar, TombakHossein Express & Grapes: Collaboration with HOLA ensembleThe Fool’s In Charge: String OrchestraWasserphantasie: music for the film “Wasserphantasie”Closet Play: music for the “Closet Play” filmHatred In My Smile (The Windhover): Voice, Flute, Oboe, Piano, Recorded Soundtracks and Film.A Cloud In Trousers: SATBGilaki: Flute, Oboe, Bassoon, DafThe Ravelling Rose: Voice, BassoonFear of Perdition: Voice, Violin, Tar, Guitar, Recorded Tracks (chosen for Leeds College of Music’s FiMPAC conference)Samson Was Bald: Piano & Violin.Dust: Voice & Tar.Mirage: Voice & Violin.Sexual Rejection Was The Reason To Murder (2008): Violin and Piano Duo.I Hate My Loved Ones: pianoWhat We Didn’t Say In The Funeral (2008): Quartet for Gemini Ensemble (alto flute, bass clarinet, 2 violas).The Decision Was Made at 5 am Sharp (2008): Duet for Keynote+ Ensemble (prepared piano, harpsichord).The Double Edged Passion (2008): for solo violin.Tocorroro (2008): for solo piano.Far Close (2007): Variations in Chahargah for solo piano.Pessimistic (2006): Album for 2 electric guitars, bass guitar, keyboard, drums and voice.Psychos In Me (2005): music for the “Psychos In Me” film.FilmZahhak: The Dragon King of Persia (2014)The Luthier (2013)The Nest (2011), soundtrackCloset Play (2010), soundtrackPsychos In Me (2005)Ahang-e Noe [TV] (2012)EnsemblesAfter the Rain (aftertherainmusic.com)HolaACE (Avantgarde Composers Ensemble)University of Southampton String OrchestraHozzen ProjectKerman Television Symphonic Orchestra CDsThe Night Must Fall (BTB, MoaA and ATField Studios) – (2012)Wine of the Mystic (2011)Far Close (2010)Pessimistic (2007) PublicationsPro Audio Tools: Cawekalk, Nashreoloum Publication Centre (2004)How To Do Everything with Microsoft FrontPage, Nashreoloum Publishing Centre (2003)Effective Executive’s Guide to PowerPoint, Nashreoloum Publishing Centre (2002)Internet Explorer 5.5 in Easy Steps, Nashreoloum Publishing Centre (2000) 

My Early Works