Stories from “Gulistan” by Sa’di (1210-1291)
Chapter III- On The Virtues of Contentment
Music: Hossein Hadisi

Hatim Tai, having been asked whether he had seen in the world anyone of more exalted sentiments than himself, replied: ‘Yes, one day I slaughtered forty camels to entertain Arab amirs. I had occasion to go out on some business into a corner of the desert, where I noticed a gatherer of briars, who had accumulated a hillock of thistles, and I asked him why he had not become a guest of Hatim since many people had come round to his banquet but he replied:

“Who eats bread by the work of his own hand
Will not bear to be obliged to Hatim Tai.”

Then I saw that his sentiments were more exalted than mine.’

گلستان سعدی – باب سوم – هر که نان از عمل خویش خورد
موسیقی: حسین حدیثی

University of Southampton Persian Society Presents a Southampton Arts Academy concert; World premiere of The Rose Garden.

101 Contemporary Persian Songs Composed by Hossein Hadisi

Hossein Hadisi – voice, piano
Kinga Kowalczyk – violin
Miku Yasukawa – voice
Marco William Duranti – guitars
Máté Szigeti – keyboards

Audio Mix: J. Curry
Videography: Sahab Jamshidi, John Hopkins

حاتم طایی را گفتند: از تو بزرگ همت تر در جهان دیده‌ای یا شنیده‌ای؟

گفت: بلی! روزی چهل شتر قربان کرده بودم امرای عرب را، پس به گوشهٔ صحرایی به حاجتی برون رفته بودم، خارکنی را دیدم پشته فراهم آورده. گفتمش: به مهمانی حاتم چرا نروی که خلقی بر سماط او گرد آمده‌اند؟ گفت:

هر که نان از عمل خویش خورد

منت حاتم طایی نبرد

من او را به همت و جوانمردی از خود برتر دیدم.