Stories from “Gulistan” by Sa’di (1210-1291)
Chapter III- On The Virtues of Contentment
Music: Hossein Hadisi

A dervish wanted something and a man told him that a certain individual possessed untold wealth who, if he were made aware of his want, would not consider it proper to fail in supplying it forthwith. The dervish answering that he had no acquaintance with him, the man proposed to show him the house and when the dervish entered he caught sight of a person with hanging lips and sitting morosely. He returned immediately and being asked what he had done replied: ‘I excused him from making me a present when I saw his face.’ Carry not thy necessity to a sour-faced fellow Because his ill-humour will crush thy hopes. If thou confidest thy heart’s grief, tell it to one Whose face will comfort thee like ready cash.

گلستان سعدی – باب سوم – اگر گویی غم دل
موسیقی: حسین حدیثی

University of Southampton Persian Society Presents a Southampton Arts Academy concert; World premiere of The Rose Garden.

101 Contemporary Persian Songs Composed by Hossein Hadisi

Hossein Hadisi – voice, piano
Kinga Kowalczyk – violin
Miku Yasukawa – voice
Marco William Duranti – guitars
Máté Szigeti – keyboards

Audio Mix: J. Curry
Videography: Sahab Jamshidi, John Hopkins

درویشی را ضرورتی پیش آمد.

کسی گفت: فلان نعمتی دارد بی قیاس، اگر بر حاجت تو واقف گردد همانا که در قضای آن توقف روا ندارد.

گفت: من او را ندانم.

گفت: منت رهبری کنم.

دستش گرفت تا به منزل آن شخص در آورد.

یکی را دید لب فرو هشته و تند نشسته.

برگشت و سخن نگفت.

کسی گفتش: چه کردی؟

گفت: عطای او را به لقای او بخشیدم.

مبر حاجت به نزدیک ترش روی
که از خوی بدش فرسوده گردی

اگر گویی غم دل با کسی گوی
که از رویش به نقد آسوده گردی