University of Southampton Persian Society Presents a Southampton Arts Academy concert; World premiere of The Rose Garden.

101 Contemporary Persian Songs Composed by Hossein Hadisi

Hossein Hadisi – voice, piano
Kinga Kowalczyk – violin
Miku Yasukawa – voice
Marco William Duranti – guitars
Máté Szigeti – keyboards

Audio Mix: J. Curry
Videography: Sahab Jamshidi, John Hopkins

گلستان سعدی – باب سوم – درفضیلت قناعت
موسیقی: حسین حدیثی

Stories from “Gulistan” by Sa’di (1210-1291)
Chapter III- On The Virtues of Contentment
Music: Hossein Hadisi

خواهنده‌ای می‌گفت: ای خداوندان نعمت، اگر شما را انصاف بودی و ما را قناعت، رسم سؤال از جهان برخاستی.

ای قناعت! توانگرم گردان
که ورای تو هیچ نعمت نیست

کنج صبر اختیار لقمان است
هر که را صبر نیست حکمت نیست

A Maghrabi supplicant said in Aleppo in the row of linen-drapers: ‘Lords of wealth, if you were just and we contented, the trade of begging would vanish from the world.’ O contentment, make me rich For besides thee no other wealth exists. Loqman selected the corner of patience. Who has no patience has no wisdom.